A downloadable art piece for Windows


W/S - Accelerate / Decelerate

A/D - Roll

Q/E - Translate Left/Right

R/F - Translate Up/Down

Ctrl/Space - Quickroll Left/Right

T - Toggle inertial dampening

U - Toggle Supercruise

LMB - Fire Lasers

RMB - Fire Missiles


A space game by Inacio (http://nacidev.tumblr.com), RBD2 (http://rb-d2.tumblr.com), Wabbaboy (http://wabbaboy.tumblr.com).

Music by peas (http://l33tpeas.tumblr.com).


SpaceKujo_v0.4b_x64_DX11 97 MB


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Very cool! Didn't understand that rockets were limited or how to get more.


Thanks! You could get more by buying the weapon again. I'll be updating the game in the future!

I see potential in this game. However the music suddenly stops while I am firing weapons. I would like to see more, do you plan on expanding it or is this the final version?

I'd like to expand upon it. Right now it's buggy as heck, and it was made in like 5 days? I'm not sure if it really does have potential, though. I really want it to.