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Hey there bro, whats’up? I’ve been watching your games on and them seem to be quite nice to play.


I’m actually a QA Tester apprentice, so I was wondering, how about if I playtest your games? I don’t ask for money nor anything of value. I only do this because I really want to grow up in the industry, and hopefully become a videogame Tester someday. So, what do you think? I could playtest and report all possible bugs to you, along with images and or videos if you want.


The only small thing that I ask for, is, whenever the version is completely tested, just a small mention to me in your development log, panel, etc. What do you think?


Please let me know if you’re interested 😊 and also, let me send you one of my Bug Reports (real case), so you can see how I work. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!


Hi! I am very interested in your game. I was wondering if you would be open to me professionally review your game. This includes a detailed report on all the bugs i find. I believe it would be very beneficial for your development!

email me at if youre interested!