A downloadable immersive art piece for Windows

This is the second very early pre-alpha in development incomplete preview demo of Comfyville!

For this demo, plants and crops grow after just a few seconds. In the final game, it'll take one real-life day or so. This game is synced to your computer's clock, so things will change if you play at different times (right now only the time of day and the proper lighting change).

Most assets are still placeholder. These will be changed with time. You might recognize a thing or two (or three!)

Controls are simple:

  • Left Mouse Button: Interact
  • Tab: Open Inventory
  • G: Drop Held Item

I hope you continue to follow the development of Comfyville! There's still a lot to come!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/comfygameDev

Tumblr: http://nacidev.tumblr.com


Comfyville_v0.2.rar 120 MB


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Hey there bro, whats’up? I’ve been watching your games on Itch.io and them seem to be quite nice to play.


I’m actually a QA Tester apprentice, so I was wondering, how about if I playtest your games? I don’t ask for money nor anything of value. I only do this because I really want to grow up in the industry, and hopefully become a videogame Tester someday. So, what do you think? I could playtest and report all possible bugs to you, along with images and or videos if you want.


The only small thing that I ask for, is, whenever the version is completely tested, just a small mention to me in your development log, panel, etc. What do you think?


Please let me know if you’re interested 😊 and also, let me send you one of my Bug Reports (real case), so you can see how I work. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!


Hi! I am very interested in your game. I was wondering if you would be open to me professionally review your game. This includes a detailed report on all the bugs i find. I believe it would be very beneficial for your development!

email me at contact@level0studios.com if youre interested!